Moving Your Retirement Funds to a Rollover 401k IRA Account

There are many, many different ways to initiate a 401k rollover. In most cases, the procedure you’ll need to follow will depend on the forms and processes of the institutions that manage both your old 401k account and your new rollover IRA. To simplify matters, your best bet to think of them in stages – making sure that each one is done before moving on to the next one. By following these simple stages, you’ll be able to successfully complete the 401k rollover to IRA, while maintaining the tax deferred rollover status of your investments. Continue reading

How to Establish a Rollover 401k IRA

If you have a 401k, you probably started participating in the plan when you started a new job.  The 401k is an employer sponsored plan and, therefore, has a special place in your overall retirement plans, as many employers offer matching funds and other perks to encourage employee participation. However, a 401k isn’t always the best long-term home for your money.  Knowing how to begin 401k rollovers to and from this kind of plan will save you money and help keep your investments in that all important tax deferred status. Continue reading