Moving Your Retirement Funds to a Rollover 401k IRA Account

There are many, many different ways to initiate a 401k rollover. In most cases, the procedure you’ll need to follow will depend on the forms and processes of the institutions that manage both your old 401k account and your new rollover IRA. To simplify matters, your best bet to think of them in stages – making sure that each one is done before moving on to the next one. By following these simple stages, you’ll be able to successfully complete the 401k rollover to IRA, while maintaining the tax deferred rollover status of your investments. Continue reading

Rollover 401k IRA Options – What You Need to Know

There are so many different options for 401k rollovers that you might find yourself feeling stressed about the type of account you should open or how to best complete the transfer. The key to taking care of your 401k to IRA rollover is to first decide on what kind of IRA you want to open. This will depend on your current work situation and several other important lifestyle factors. Before you even begin to worry about how your 401k rollover will occur, you’ll need to sit down and decide on the kind of rollover account you want to open. Continue reading